Private Lessons at The Fly Shop

Our staff at The Fly Shop consists of some of the best fly fishing experts in the business. We are happy to coordinate private instruction for individuals, or for any size group.

Whatever sort of personalized lesson you might be interested in, we have professional guides and instructors that can put together a specific program to meet your needs: from the basic fundamentals of fly casting for someone just getting started, to advanced casting workshops, spey casting lessons, and everything in between.

We can put together simple casting instruction any day of the week for an hourly fee ranging from $40-$100 per hour. Most basic casting lessons start at $40 per hour, while some of the more advanced clinics and spey casting lessons can run for up to $100 per hour. These can usually be scheduled right here at our store any time.

Our guides routinely conduct on-the-water clinics, usually combining one or two day trips with part of the day casting and part of the day fishing. These are great opportunities to not only get some formal casting instruction, but to enjoy some quality fishing time, too!

We also schedule private group lessons at Antelope Creek Ranch. Antelope Creek Lodge is the perfect teaching facility and accommodates as many as 14 guests comfortably. We can build a private clinic for just about any group.


Reservations for private lessons, advanced casting workshops, or any of our excellent schools and camps are made exclusivey through The Fly Shop. Call us toll-free at (800) 669-3474 or send an email to me at for more information, dates, or reservations.

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