Spey Casting Clinics

Spey casting is one of the hottest new fads in fly fishing. Using either single or two-handed rods, anglers with knowledge of spey casting techniques have the ability to cast further, present flies in hard-to-reach places, and ultimately keep their flies in the water for longer periods of time, all of which can lead to more hookups.

Join in the Two-Handed Revolution by attending one of The Fly Shop's® Spey Casting Clinics. These full day clinics will put any angler on the fast track to learning the fundamentals of this fascinating casting form. The instructor to student ratio is outstanding and guarantees the individual time and attention that will help accelerate your learning curve and quickly put you on the path to mastering a variety of useful casts, including:

• Single Spey
• Double Spey
• Snake Roll
• Snap-Tee

The Fly Shop's® Spey Casting Clinics are held ON THE WATER, utilizing the lengthy gravel bars of the Lower Sacramento River near Red Bluff. Using jet boats to maneuver the river and place our students/anglers in prime locations, we'll be able to duplicate the river challenges that face most steelhead, sea trout, and Atlantic Salmon fishermen.

Fee: $250 per person

• includes lunch, jetboat transportation, equipment, and instruction.

School Dates:

• May 30, 2009 - Floating line workshop: beginner to intermediate casters
• September 26, 2009 - Floating line workshop: beginner to intermediate casters
• September 27, 2009 - Sink-Tip School: intermediate to advanced casters

Reservations for our excellent schools and camps are made exclusivey through The Fly Shop. Call us toll-free at (800) 669-3474 or send an email to me at michael@theflyshop.com for more information, dates, or reservations.

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